[rescue] (no subject)

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Sun Jun 17 11:15:18 CDT 2007

> You just have to be careful of your tools. I used a program called
> Teledisk to archive all of my 3b2 software floppies around 1995.
> Not only won't it run on a modern computer, but the company that 
> released
> it is long gone. There was a program designed to convert teledisk 
> images
> to DD type files, but I don't think it ever really worked. (Someone
> correct me if I'm wrong).
> There's  not of much chance for me to test it anyway, I gave away the 
> 3b2's
> when I moved here, and the person I gave them to became ill and never
> could use them. I offered them here to anyone who wanted to pick
> them up, I don't know if they ever were, but my friend died and
> I've lost touch with his widow.  :-(

Look at Dave Dunfield's Imagedisk (cited earlier in the posting). 
Designed specifically to replace Teledisk when Teledisk was withdrawn 
from sale. Imagedisk uses an open format for storage and source is 
available - IOW it isn't going anywhere.It isn't completely free 
software (there's a restriction on commercial use), but is modified 

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