[rescue] FTP site for archive of _all_ old platforms on it's way

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sat Jun 16 18:44:39 CDT 2007

Heya everyone, I worked with Charles Shannon Hendrix today on setting up a 
new system that will be quasi-public (registration required, but otherwise 
open ftp) to start to build a library of all older OSes and software 
(commercial and open), for old, outdated, not-productive-anymore 

The system will start out with about 150GB, and when it reaches 130GB of 
capacity another 500GB will be added, then as it hits 480GB it will be 

The bandwidth limitation is a bit limited so as not to rob all the other 
systems on the same pipe. It will probably allow upload at around 
100K/second, but downloads will be more limited at 15-20K/second.

I have to get my CD binder out of storage and start imaging what I have 
(mostly SGI, Sun, and a few other oddities). I'm looking for pretty much 
everything... MS-DOS stuff, large mainframe stuff, etc.

If anyone is interested in dumping stuff to kick it off, please send me a 
private email with the subject "DUSTBUNNY" which is what the archive will 
be called.

I'm still getting things straight with the ftp daemon. There will be a new 
user application eventually (which will hopefully be funny).

The goal is an archive for collectors and packrats.

Once again, email with DUSTBUNNY in the subject, and a login name you 
would like.

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