[rescue] Floor loading... was Re: SGI ORIGIN 3800 SUPERCOMPUTER

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sat Jun 16 13:53:32 CDT 2007

Andrew Weiss wrote:
> The problem I am faced with, however, is my AS/400 and VAX 6000 are  
> both 700 lbs each.  The VAX does that in 30" square.  According to  
> standard floor loading for residential buildings, the area the VAX  
> takes up should have no more than 250 lbs. loaded on it.  If you use  
> the 1.4 x loading factor for 40 psf, you get up to 350 lbs.  I  
> calculated that I'd need some sheet of material 4.1 ft on a side to  
> slide under the thing to safely house it in the apartment.  Are there  
> such sheets commonly available for this kind of purpose or should I  
> use just 3/4" plywood?  Has anyone taken the batteries out of an AS/ 
> 400 and bypassed them?... that would take a lot of the weight out of  
> that thing... which is about 2 ft by 3.5 ft.

I had my gun safe in two different upstairs apartments with no problems.
 It weighs 580lb empty, probably 750-800lb loaded, and has a footprint
about 24" x 30" iirc.  I probably wouldn't want to put it out in the
middle of a room, but hey ... why would you do that anyway?

Your VAX and AS/400, too, are most likely going to be next to a wall.  I
doubt it'll be a problem.  If you do feel you need a load spreader, a
sheet of good-quality 3/4" plywood should work just fine.

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