[rescue] USB KVM with my Octane: possible?

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Sat Jun 16 00:07:33 CDT 2007

I have an IOGEAR GCS634U 4-port USB+sound KVM (a recommendation from  
one of the lists; works great). Is there a way to use it with my PS/2- 
only Octane? The KVM has one USB cable that plugs into the machine,  
which provides both keyboard and mouse. Is there a device that will  
take that one USB interface and provide two PS/2 interfaces, one  
keyboard and one mouse?

I've tried simply plugging a PS/2<->USB adapter in, and I wasn't able  
to get any type of output on the screen, or even have the keyboard  
LEDs light up.

Any suggestions?

  - Micah

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