[rescue] What use is this CAB-530MT Cisco cable?

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Fri Jun 15 07:37:33 CDT 2007

> I have a new in shrinkwrap CAB-530MT which is Cisco HD60 to
> RS-530 (looks very much like a standard DB-25 pin serial
> except a pin or two is missing).  Description says it is a
> "Male DTE RS-530 cable".
> What exactly would this be used for?
> Google says that it can be used to transport up to 10Mbps of
> bandwidth, or less depending on cable length and quality of signal.
> Apparently RS530 is not a protocol, just a physical interface
> standard.

Get a CAB-530-FC cable and hook them together to make a 10mbs link for
two routers for lab/demo/classroom work.

I think CAB-530-FC would be the female DCE part number.

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