[rescue] OS X is certified UNIX

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Thu Jun 14 21:11:35 CDT 2007

> More likely it's because no one uses postscript any more. After all it 
> was designed
> as a printer only language and display postscript never took off 
> (didn't Sun use it
> too for a while).

DPS was used in Solaris and other Unices (IRIX had it between 4D1-4.0 
and 6.5.22).

The other interesting use of PostScript was NeWS- as used in some Suns 
and IRIX 4D1-3.x (under the 4Sight brand). SunOS4 OpenWindows has the 
capability of supporting both NeWS clients and X11 clients - kind of 
cool. The downside of NeWS is that coding is very hard, since you need 
to be adept in PostScript (for the display tasks) and whatever 
underlying language you use for the compute tasks. As a result (and 
also due to age) I haven't been able to find much NeWS software 
(basically at this point all I have is the 4D1-3.3.2 included programs) 
and a few demos that were on one website. I'm always looking, though, 
if anyone has some for either Sun (Sun-4 or Sun-3) or IRIS-4D.

(and now we return you to your regularly scheduled program after that 
blatantly commercial message)

DPS seems to have been added to maintain similar functionality once 
NeWS was removed, and then in more recent releases it was removed as a 
cost-saving measure.

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