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Wow, I built a similar system at LANL during my time there. Mine was
128 cpus though.

The sgi system sat in 4 rack cabinets on the loading dock for over 3
years after purchase.  The warranty expired before it was ever setup
on the main compute floor at the "SCC" or Strategic Computing Complex.
 I had it up and running in one afternoon after power was connected.
Instead of using router bricks I was using a Myranet interconnect.
Initially this system was purchased for "studying interconnect
technologies" at $1.9M.  Shortly after this, politics got in the way
of it being used, and then finally I left the lab for greener
pastures.  The system never was put into use, but it was a lot of fun
having my own supercomputer for a few months.  To my knowledge it was
powered down when I left and was sent off for salvage.  Your tax
dollars at work!

Bob D

On 6/14/07, Timothy Baldridge <tbaldridge at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is not mine. I found it on Nekochan. Thought it'd be worth a
> little drooling. I'm wondering though, has anyone here ever worked on
> something this big? If so, care to tell us about it?
> Timothy
> AD:
> 400Mhz) & 128 Part Memory
> Fully loaded SGI ORIGIN 3800 with 512 processors (all R12000 400Mhz)
> and 128-part memory. Comprises 13 Cabinets. This was a multi-million
> dollar Supercomputer when purchased in 2002. One of only two in world
> at the time. Installed and maintained by SGI while at a major
> government installation.
> Please email me or call my office in Maryland at 301-983-1998 (9am -
> 5pm EST-USA) for complete system specs, pictures and pricing. We may
> consider selling individual processors, bricks, hard drives and/or
> system components... Let us know via eMail what you need.
> John Urciolo
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