[rescue] OS X is certified UNIX

Devin Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Wed Jun 13 18:47:20 CDT 2007

On 6/13/07 2:04 PM, "Lionel Peterson" <lionel4287 at verizon.net> wrote:

> The Unix "Support"is now included in Windows Server 2003 R2 - it is not the
> Interix bolt-on... They have "embraced" Unix support, to allow you to use a
> Windows 2003 R2 server in a heterogenous environment...

There are two types of Microsoft-branded Unix support for Windows these

1) Services For UNIX 3.5 is a free download for W2K, XP, and W2K3. (I avoid
Vista, so I have no clue if it will install/run there). While it includes
the Interix-derived POSIX subsystem, it has a bunch of additional components
including the NIS server component (makes the Windows box a master NIS
server; can't be a slave to a Unix master server, but a Unix slave server
should work with the Windows master), the NFS server and client, and the
password synchronization. Includes the necessary updates to the AD schema to
add support for POSIX fields in the User and InternetOrgPerson objects (and
adds support for the latter if it's not on W2K3).

2) Windows Server 2003 R2, which is just W2K3 + slipstreamed SP1 + a few
other add-on bits now integrated into the Add/Remove Windows Components and
Configure Your Server/Manager Your Server screen, takes the SFU 3.5
components and rolls them in. The packaging in Add/Remove is a slight bit
different, and the MMC GUIs have gotten some slight facelifts, but it's the
same functionality and codebase.

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