[rescue] Wanted: Monitor

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Mon Jun 11 20:25:32 CDT 2007

My SGI GDP-4011P died recently.  I'm rather set on replacing it with  
another CRT, of equal or better quality.  Preferably SGI or Sony  
brand.  Possibly NEC or Lacie or I don't know what else.  Must be SGI  
compatible (basically sync on green) and support dual inputs.  The  
previous one was used as a TV (with a scan doubler for incoming video  
sources), connected to an Octane, and also a pair of PCs.  I want it  
to support at least 1600x1200.

I can ship one or even look on ebay if need be, but I was hoping that  
I might be able to find someone in 2-4 hours from southern PA  
(Harrisburg, York, Philly, Baltimore, Allentown, Reading, possibly  
further) who wanted to let one go cheaply before I resort to further,  
more expensive 

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