[rescue] canonical list of sparc clones

John Francini francini at mac.com
Mon Jun 11 20:25:55 CDT 2007

My wife's company, NextCom, LLC, makes ruggedized luggables that use 
SPARC, AMD, and Intel chips.



At 14:18 -0700 6/11/07, Paul E Coad wrote:
>I have spent the last 5 minutes making up a list of SPARC "clone"
>manufacturers.  My criteria for the list that the company should have
>commercially (for profit, not at a university or on gubment contract)
>produced a computer which used 1 or more SPARC processor(s) and ran
>something like Unix.
>Here is my current list:
>Aries Research Inc
>Cycle C
>Force Computer
>Source: NetBSD port list, vague memory, and google.
>Which ones are missing?  I do have a SPARC product directory but it
>has been missing since the move. 
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