[rescue] AmigaOS 3.1 Install Disk

Ronald Gilchrist unixrescue at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 07:48:55 CDT 2007

> If that is the case, maybe someone can create an Amiga boot image for
> him that can be written with DD on a PC with a SCSI interface. (assuming
> his Amiga has a SCSI interface).

I've got plenty of scsi capable hosts. :) But, why limit it to SCSI?
If it's an A1200, it should use a standard 2.5" hdd. I have an adaptor
to hook such a beast up to a 3.5" ide cable.

The question is, does UAE/etc handle _raw_ support to the disk, or
only by mounting it in the linux fs? And, does Amiga use boot blocks
etc? If his disk has been 'prepared' by hdtools previously, could I
not just mount it in my linux box (with AFFS compiled into the kernel)
and install that way? Then unmount it and swap it into his A1200

I'm not completely aware of what functionality UAE (or others?) has
for hard disk access. I have made a hard disk for my UAE install, but
it's just a folder on the Linux fs. Is this all that is necessary?


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