[rescue] FS: Intel 460T 24-port managed switch

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Jun 10 12:46:39 CDT 2007

John Francini wrote:
> Some questions:
> o Are you using SpeedBoost/Afterburner on the AP without having it 
> enabled on the laptop?


> o Is the AP in b/g compatible mode un-necessarily (that is, do you 
> have older clients that only speak 11b protocol)? Though the 
> documentation suggests otherwise, I believe that can cause a problem.


> o You don't indicate what wireless card you're using. Since the 600E 
> is an older laptop (at least 8 years according to the ThinkPad Wiki), 
> it doesn't have internal wireless (or Ethernet for that matter). 
> What kind of card are you using?

As mentioned yesterday, it's a Linksys WPC54G connecting to a Linksys
WRT54G running DD-WRT.

> o The 600E is also fairly glacial, CPU-wise.  I wonder if there's 
> some sort of bottleneck that prevents you from seeing full speed 
> because the CPU doesn't have enough cycles to get data to/from the 
> card quickly enough?

I'm wondering myself whether that's the basic nature of the problem.
This laptop has always been awful on wireless, under any OS, to any AP.
 I'm wondering if it's just plain CPU-bound.  (Or maybe IBM did
something stupid in the design of the PCMCIA slots, like they did with
Thinkpad 600 batteries.)

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