[rescue] FS: Intel 460T 24-port managed switch

John Francini francini at mac.com
Sun Jun 10 04:47:05 CDT 2007

I did indeed know that the one commenting on 802.11g speeds was not 
the original poster.  I didn't mean to give the impression that I had 
conflated the two posts.

However, I believe there's got to be something wrong somewhere in 
Phil's (not Patrick's) wireless set-up that accounts for the 
ludicrously bad performance.  I get well over 5 mbit/sec on file 
transfers on my stock Apple AirPort Extreme, which is some 40 feet 
away from where I'm sitting, and is in a neighborhood with at least 4 
other wireless networks visible (and therefore potentially 
interfering) with mine.

Some questions:

o Are you using SpeedBoost/Afterburner on the AP without having it 
enabled on the laptop?

o Is the AP in b/g compatible mode un-necessarily (that is, do you 
have older clients that only speak 11b protocol)? Though the 
documentation suggests otherwise, I believe that can cause a problem.

o You don't indicate what wireless card you're using. Since the 600E 
is an older laptop (at least 8 years according to the ThinkPad Wiki), 
it doesn't have internal wireless (or Ethernet for that matter). 
What kind of card are you using?

o The 600E is also fairly glacial, CPU-wise.  I wonder if there's 
some sort of bottleneck that prevents you from seeing full speed 
because the CPU doesn't have enough cycles to get data to/from the 
card quickly enough?

Just my $0.02,

John Francini

At 17:36 -0400 6/9/07, Phil Stracchino wrote:
>Lionel Peterson wrote:
>>>  From: John Francini <francini at mac.com>
>>>  Date: 2007/06/09 Sat PM 01:52:08 CDT
>>>  To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>>>  Subject: Re: [rescue] FS: Intel 460T 24-port managed switch
>>>  The original poster has a PowerBook G4/867, which is, in fact, a
>>>  TiBook, and can't do 11g.
>>>  He's obviously reasonably happy with 802.11b speeds.
>>  Uhm, no.
>>  The poster of the 802.11g comment I was referring to was *not* the 
>>original poster (Patrick), but another list member (Phil), who did 
>>not specify what brand of laptop he was using/referring to. Also, 
>>Phil  referred to 802.11g specifically (see below, original posting 
>Hm.  I seem to have missed a few intervening messages in the thread.
>The laptop is a Thinkpad 600E running Slackware 11.  The AP is a Linksys
>WRT54G running DD-WRT.  The wireless NIC is a Linksys WPC54G.  And the
>most common position in which the laptop is used is perhaps 15 feet
>slant distance from the AP.  According to monitoring software on the
>laptop, it has excellent signal strength and is achieving a good clean
>link.  Nevertheless, the actual data rate it achieves is terrible.  2
>megabits/sec (reported) is typical.
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