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> Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 00:50:34 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [rescue] Looking for Ultra-2 parts
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> For space reasons I got rid of my last Sun monitor today (I've gotten
> rid of most of my SPARC hardware and just kept the Ultra 2E) and I'm
> hoping to get a dual VGA/13w3 monitor or use a framebuffer with VGA
> output or an adapter to VGA.  What is likely to be the least painful?
Most PC monitors, especially LCDs, will accept Sun composite-sync 
input.   All you will need is one of those little passive 13w3->VGA 
adapters to handle the physical problem, plus a little patience.  
Compatibility can be pretty hit or miss, and the monitor documentation 
is never helpful. (I once had an LCD that would complain loudly and shut 
itself off when presented with composite sync, even though the image was 
perfect for the five minutes or so before it kicked into power save mode.)

I don't know whether Sun made any sync-on-green 13w3 outputs, but those 
should work with many PC monitors as well, if you clip the H- and V-sync 
pins out of your VGA cable to make sure the monitor doesn't receive 
garbage signals.

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