[rescue] Sony NWS-3410 switch settings?

Marc Gutschner Marc.Gutschner at gmx.de
Fri Jun 8 06:33:57 CDT 2007


I'm currently going through my collection of workstations to sort out dupes and decide what to keep and what to eventually eBay for some desperately needed cash.

So I've started with the more "fun" items and have pulled a Sony NeWS workstation (model NWS-3410) from storage. First question: Does anyone know if a "run of the mill" CRT should work on this? I'v a SoG-capabel Iiyama and an assortment of monitor cables readily available.

There is a bank of 8 dip switches behind the front panel that I don't know anything about. Anyone happen to have some h/w documentation for these machines? 


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