[rescue] 13W3 Cables

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Jun 6 11:46:56 CDT 2007

>> I was told Mac *printer* cables.  Anything miniDIN8-to-miniDIN8 with
>> all 8 pins wired straight through will do.
> AFAIK Mac PRINTER cables are NOT straight through.

Hmm, perhaps I was misinformed, or perhaps I'm misremembering.  I have
enough real Sun cables that most of the time when I've bought cables,
they've been to chop in half and add DA15s to to make adapters so I can
use my type-3 keybaords on SPARCstations.  (To my hands, the type-3 is
*so* much better than any of the keyboards that came native with
miniDIN8 that it's worth putting some effort into making them work.)

And, of course, for that use, anything with all 8 pins wired through
will do even if they're not wired to corresponding pins.  So it's
possible that I'm just a bit confused about the Mac side of things.

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