[rescue] Old stuff on resumes (was: Personal progressions (was: what to do with a dec alpha 255))

Lucyen Gabbard lucyen at uark.edu
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If listing every hardware platform one has ever touched is now in vogue, I
need to add 10 years of cleaning NES backplanes and re-buttoning Atari 2600
joysticks... not to mention my super-NES controller for NES.

Speaking of Atari 2600's... I've got one that I had to open because someone
of lesser knowledge on this platform replaced the 9VDC transformer with a
12VAC one that blew out the RF mod.  I've got an amp on the composite now,
so it works -- but has anyone ever toyed with the idea of replacing the
resistor array DAC with a more modern DAC, or perhaps turning it into an
S-Video machine?

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On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 09:34:26AM -0700, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

| My resume claims that I've used 25 programming languages on 9 operating
| systems.  If I were looking for a job, I'd probably update that.

My resume probably could list more OSs, but fewer programming
languages (ten seems a more reasonable figure.  Let's see, BASIC (I'll
avoid listing the various flavors), 6502 asm, Pascal, 680x0 asm,
forth, f77, Prolog, C, perl, bourne shell (I won't bother listing
other shells), tcl, java with varying levels of proficiency in each.)

However, it doesn't.  Much of this stuff I haven't touched in so long
I'd be hard pressed to write anything in it now, even if I used to be
really good at it 20 years ago.

For OSes, who cares if I've adminned or used DomainOS?  ConvexOS?
RiscOS?  BeOS?  Even Irix is on the way out, but I'd probably mention

Do people really bother listing every language or OS they've touched
on their resume?  Do employers care?

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