[rescue] SGI IRIS 1200 in Massachusetts for $100 (eBay)

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Jul 31 21:57:01 CDT 2007

> It will probably work, however a machine of that vintage would be
> based off of X11R4 or so, while your newer systems are based on
> X11R6.  Anything that is too new will not display or give weirdness.

> Specifically, I would expect weirdness with any other X Visual than
> 8bit PseudoColor or 24bit TrueColor.

If true, this indicates a busted client.  The R4 and R6 protocols are
not that different.

While it's not *too* unreasonable for a client to work only with 8bpp
PseudoColor - or 24bpp TrueColor, or whatever else it feels like
demanding - for it to give "weirdness" rather than a graceful failure
with a descriptive message is...busted.  (Depending on what it does, I
may consider it anywhere from "busted" to "totally reasonable" for it
to demand a particular kind of visual; since you haven't even mentioned
what sort of clients you're talking about, I can't say much there.)

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