[rescue] Raqport.com problems

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 23:26:43 CDT 2007

Hello all,

Do any of you know Alex at rackport.com?  I ordered a replacement fan
for my Cobalt RaQ 4i from him.  After a few weeks I reminded him that
I placed the order.  Another week and the box arrived from him.
Inside were 2 fans (he actually mailed me to confirm I wanted two, and
I let him know it was just one) and a hand written note.  The fans
were not at all the correct fan.  What came in the box were two of
these fans in their retail packaging:


These are 30mm fans, the RaQ systems take 35mm fans (at least the RaQ
3 and 4 do).  The hand written note said to just use one screw instead
of the normal 3 screws and that it would work fine.  Shipping as
marked on the box was $0.92.

So my $32 (which includes about $8 shipping) got me two junk fans that
are the wrong part, are noisy according to the reviews, and aren't the
right flow rate.  Major case of false advertising.

I did some research on the original Sunon fan in the RaQ 3&4 models.
These were discontinued.  I found the updated part from Sunon
(hydrodynamic wave bearings, lower power consumption, etc).  The part
number for this from Allied electronics is:


$12 quantity 1.  I'm 99% sure they don't come with the connector,
however I have the equipment to put my own on so I'm not really
concerned.  Have any of you guys had any experience with

Bob D.

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