[rescue] Psion Series 3 systems

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sun Jul 29 16:01:22 CDT 2007

    OK, this list is billed as no longer being Sun specific; let's see
how this one goes....

    I've got a Psion Series 3 (by way of the "obsolete technology rule"
that's in effect in my household) that has some "issues".  Specifically,
the printed-circuit cable that connects the hinged "shortcut" button-
panel to the main circuit board has failled.  This is not surprising,
given the way that the Psion Series 3 hinge works, but it makes it
impossible to escape from the "Time" application where one sets various
things like the clock and Daylight Saving Time settings (a design flaw,
I know).

    Does anybody know of any of the following:

1)  A way to set the system clock from OPL (and various alarms and

2)  A source for another, good, hinge piece with an operable PC

3)  Some way to exit the "Time" application without resorting to
   a system reset via the recessed button which resets the system
   clock to some inane default?

    Option two, above, or a place that can repair such antedeluvian
technology, would be preferable, followed by option one (it's a
very strange language, but once one has seen enough languages, they
all start to look similar -- save APL).

    Ideas, anybody?  Thanks are on offer, and if anybody local to the
New England area comes up with a splendid fix (or even a good anecdote)
a beer may be in the mix as well.


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