[rescue] 1-2-3 for Solaris WAS: Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Sun Jul 29 06:45:51 CDT 2007

earl at baugh.org wrote:
> Amazingly enough, I just shipped a full boxed copy of Lotus 1-2-3 to  
> another list member
> across the pond, who hopefully is going to pull it off the cart tape  
> and load it in an archive.
> I'll leave it to him to announce (or not announce) when this is done.

That would be me. Good thing somebody put "Solaris" in the Subject or I
wouldn't have read it :)

I tried to revive my "conversion box" (PC with all kinds of drives).
When I finally got it working, it wasn't able to read anything of the
tape. I cleaned the heads to no avail. To rule out the drive being
defective, I took an old Sun eternal QIC drive but I had some trouble
finding a system to attach it to. I do have many Suns but the monitors
are still packed (I moved not too long ago). So, I took my Voyager only
to find out I can't remember the root password.. So I took a SPARCbook
but couldn't find the correct SCSI cable.. I then took a PowerLite but
it doesn't seem to find a /dev/nrst0.. :(

So to conclude, I haven't been able to get Lotus 1-2-3 off the tape yet.
When I have some more time I'll try some other drives and see if that
makes a difference.

> Luck would have it, that this list member  put out a request for old  
> Sun releases
>   (and I had a 386i release with floppies that I offered to him...  
> and the discussions got to
> apps, and thus, he got it before it got tossed)

Still looking for other old Sun stuff :) Especially a real copy of
Solaris 2.5.1/PPC. I do have loads of Sun stuff already, including 9
track tapes, SunOS->Solaris migration sets, original Trusted Solaris
2.5 and much more.

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