[rescue] ***NSR***  RAMdrive under XP?

Doug Simmons dsimmons at lib.siu.edu
Fri Jul 27 13:15:51 CDT 2007

>:-} This would make a good test question on an *nix admin exam. I should make
you try harder first, but I don't think it would be fair.

My message was sent via a Microsoft Server 2003 exchange server webmail
interface using Mozilla 1.7 on a SunFire V240 running Solaris 10.

It's amazing the message landed at all. :-)

Doug Simmons

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At 12:26 PM 7/27/2007 , Lionel Peterson wrote:
>Have you taken a look at:
>Seems to address your needs, detailed as your request was, anyway ;^)

Hey, what email client did you send this message with?  The body of the
message came through ok, but my client (a really old version of Eudora) wasn't
too happy with the subject line:

"Re: [rescue] =?utf-8?q?***NSR***_=C3=82=C2=A0RAMdrive_under_XP=3F?="

I've seen this before, and I'm just kinda curious if it's Eudora or something
else causing it.  (Just checked--the sunhelp.org web archive of your subject
line is a little strange, too.)

newell  N5TNL
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