[rescue] Bondi-ng

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Mon Jul 23 11:46:19 CDT 2007

> On a mouldy-old-Mac note, does anybody know how to get them to properly go
> to sleep when they've got third-party PCI cards in them? I had to take the
> Adaptec SCSI controller out of my G4 as it caused it to crash when going
> to sleep.

It's the responsibility of card makers to support deep sleep, they have to
make the proper firmware (and/or design the hardware correctly).

Adaptec exited the Mac SCSI controller market a few years ago, and haven't
been updating their firmware for years.  I seem to recall some people
trying out beta firmware on some of their cards in order to resolve deep
sleep issues, but I'm pretty sure Adaptec never officially resolved them. 
ATTO makes good SCSI cards for the Mac and has good firmware for their
currently supported cards as well.  I highly recommend ATTO if you need
SCSI in a Mac.

- Nate

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