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On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 08:15:20AM -0400, Joshua Boyd wrote:

> doesn't answer who made it though.



	MC's last gasp -- the iMac Voodoo2
	So MicroConversions got around to releasing their new line of Voodoo2
	upgrades for the iMac, even for Mezzanine-less models. There's a pretty
	big market for these puppies. The iMac's stock video card is not a
	gamer's card. It can't handle the heat games like Quake II and III can
	dish out. The iMac's processor is as fast as you'd ever want (for at
	least a month or three), but the ATI card doesn't provide the framerates
	you'll desire.
	MicroConversions found a way around the iMac's expandability
	limitations, however. There was a mysterious testing port on the first
	two revisions of the iMac called a Mezzanine slot. At the latest
	MacWorld Expo, MicroConversions displayed an iMac Voodoo2 that connected
	via the Mezzanine slot. This product that would eventually lead to the
	MicroConversion's iWizard line of products was displayed to an awestruck
	crowd. Before my iMac took a turn for the worst, I'd planned on grabbing
	one of these iMac Voodoo2 cards myself. But there's a downside: Apple
	said that using the Mezzanine slot would void the iMac's warranty. Then
	the Voodoo2 killer: after the iMac Game Wizard's release, Apple promptly
	removed the slot entirely from the colored iMacs.
	Now to pat myself on the back, in an email to Mike I said that I was
	sure someone was going to pull an iMac floppy that let adventurous Lime,
	Strawberry, Blueberry etc etc iMac owners solder in their own Mezzanine

As an aside, the PowerMac 7200 I mentioned yesterday has a MicroConversions
video upgrade/TV tuner card in it. Too bad the card is for NTSC TV,
and everything here is PAL. It does have a baseband video in which will
handle PAL, and the video part is a Rage something with 4m video RAM.

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