[rescue] Bondi-ng

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Jul 22 20:29:41 CDT 2007

Andrew Weiss wrote:
> Internally it's basically a Wallstreet Powerbook with a tube  
> attached.  The non "customer accessible" RAM is on the bottom of the  
> processor card.  Just stick a big DIMM in the bottom one and reserve  
> the top slot for easy to access upgrades.  My Pismo has a 512MB DIMM  
> in the bottom slot.

>From what I've been able to find, a Bondi won't address that much RAM
though.  It appears the best I can do on a Rev.A Bondi is 256+128.

> Try to find the 6MB VRAM DIMM upgrade if you don't have it.

I found the SGRAM expansion for $15.

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