[rescue] fastest Ultra 5 marketed by Sun?

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Jul 22 15:54:15 CDT 2007

James Hartley wrote:
> I thought I'd read somewhere that if no monitor or keyboard was
> attached, a U5 could be controlled through a serial connection.  I
> have a null modem cable attached to a laptop which is showing nothing.
>  Is there a jumper setting I'm missing?  Thanks.

It can, and a null-modem connection is correct for serial console.  However:

- you have to have your null-modem cable connected to the correct serial
port (by default, /dev/ttya, but this can be changed in the OpenBoot

- you have to have the right communication settings on your end (by
default, 9600-n-8-1, but this can be... well, you get the idea)

- you have to BOOT the machine connected that way.  If you have a
keyboard or monitor connected when you boot the machine, it will use
them, and you can't switch over to serial console later without rebooting.

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