[rescue] Bondi-ng

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Sun Jul 22 11:03:53 CDT 2007

On Jul 22, 2007, at 08:01, John Francini wrote:
> Actually, a correct installation of OS X starts with a Mac OS 9
> install, so that Classic mode can work properly.

You can install Classic after the fact... the only reason to install  
it first AFAIK is if you want to also be able to boot directly into  

This may be a moot point, though, if the OP uses XPostFacto, which  
(please correct me if I'm wrong) requires a Classic install to begin  

Speaking of which, I recommend it. Tiger was faster on all the  
machines I tried it on, though I didn't try one quite that slow. OS  
releases got much, much faster on the same hardware - people who  
bought new machines for 10.0 and 10.1 *loved* newer OS releases  
because their same machines felt much faster.

  - Micah

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