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The best way to know if that's a true Rev. A is the part number. A 
Rev. A Bondi iMac's part number will end in LL/A; a Rev. B will end 
in LL/B.  (Assuming the motherboard hasn't been swapped out at some 
point, that is.)

I more likely than not have at least Panther (10.3) if not Jaguar 
(10.2) sitting around here collecting dust.

But if you really want to be historically accurate, you should put 
Mac OS 8.1/8.5/9.x on it...

Actually, a correct installation of OS X starts with a Mac OS 9 
install, so that Classic mode can work properly.


>We just acquired what, as best I can determine, is a Rev.A Bondi iMac,
>with the "maximum" supported 128MB RAM, with OSX 10.0 installed on it,
>to which we do not have the administrator password.  I understand a
>Rev.A will actually, unofficially, support up to 384MB of RAM, and will
>run up to OSX 10.3.9.  (I'm not 100% certain about the Rev.A part.)
>Can anyone point us at 10.3.* media or ISOs, or have an old and no
>longer used set of 10.3.* (or for that matter, 10.2.*) media lying
>around spare?
>Also, can anyone recommend a quick intro-to-OS-X just to give us the
>basic skinny on where to find what and how to do common tasks that one
>would expect to do on a Unix-based OS, but which are, shall we say,
>non-trivial on OS X?  (For instance, I understand that on OS X, one
>cannot simply 'su -', because root doesn't exist as such.)
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