[rescue] "Solaris 1.1.1" Boxed Set

Paxton innfosun at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 16:31:30 CDT 2007

On 7/20/07, Dave K <davek08054 at gmail.com> wrote:
> While cleaning out some old cabinets at $WORK, I came across a very
> nice (and expensive looking) box with "Solaris 1.1.1". While the box
> has been previously opened,  The two CDROMs are still in their
> original shrink wrap, and it looks like the manuals have not been
> opened.
> Does this have any particular value?

Yes, If I had it I would be lisiting it on eBay. Clean boxed OS sets
bring decent money from collectors.

There are not enough of them sold for me to determine a value.
Probaably about $20 to $60, maybe more depending on condition and

I have been lucky to find a good surce of old software and have been
selling it, mostly on eBay. Most of my customers are collectors in

I need to use the vintage marketplace more.

Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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