[rescue] Successful rescue of an Ultra-60

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Fri Jul 20 04:06:52 CDT 2007


At last the saga draws to a happy ending...

A few weeks ago, I put out a request for parts to beef up my Ultra-2.
Pretty soon I had RAM and a Creator card from Lionel Petersen, and
two 400MHz CPUs from Steven Price.  But the CPUs didn't work in
an Ultra-2.

Around the same time I got an offer of a bare Ultra-60 chassis + Elite3D
card from MJ Turner in Cape Town. Steven confirmed that the CPUs do
work in that box, although they aren't listed as "supported" -- like we
rescuers care about such details.  Jonathan Groll in Cape Town
upgraded the PROM for me, just in case my weird CPUs needed it.

So this week I finally got my hands on the box, plugged in the CPUs,
and... nothing.  The power LED didn't even light.  It turns out that there's

a jumper to set the CPU speed, the details of which are buried in a
hard-to-find document: http://docs-pdf.sun.com/806-1055-11/806-1055-11.pdf

That did the trick, and after a happy 4 hours spent cleaning out the worst
dust-bunnies I've *ever* seen, and scrubbing the dirt and scuff-marks off
the outside of the case, she looks as good as new.  Needless to say, I'm
thrilled.  This'll be my main home machine.

Interestingly, my Ultra-2 disks didn't boot -- the kernel panicked, but the
Solaris-9 installer did boot, and the box stayed up all night happily
installing from my ancient 2x CDROM.

So my thanks to the four dedicated rescuers for helping to snatch this
box from the jaws of the dumpster.


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