[rescue] FS SBUS stuff - some "unique & esoteric!"

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 14 20:10:28 CDT 2007

Found sbus stuff - can anybody use it?

Dataram memory card - base card, no daughterboard - I
"think" its 32mb - not sure (qty x1)

501-1981 (x1125a)Sun 25MHZ PC Accelerator  (I have
both a 486-25sx & dx cpu chip for it) (copy of sunpc
v4.0.1 cd)(qty x1)
605-1574 (x1129a) SunPC 133-MHz 5X86 PC Accelerator -
Original box!! (original sunpc v4.1 cd)(qty x1)
501-2062 (x1058a) quad ethernet network adapter (qty

magma 16sp serial controller card - no breakout box
(qty x2)

501-2919 (x1059a) fast ethernet 10/100 network adapter
(qty x2)

501-2739 (x1018a) Single-Ended Fast/Wide
SCSI/FastEthernet (SunSwift/S) (qty x1)

I'd prefer to sale everything as a "lot".

$40 for "everything" shipped within continental US
$80 USD shipped outside US

Other offers - trades etc would be considered!
Contact me "off-list" please!

watauga tx 76148 usa
sd_price at yahoo.com

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