[rescue] SCSI DVD drives

Clemson, Chris Chris.Clemson at softwareag.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 05:05:24 CDT 2007

> I don't believe they exist. You're looking at an IDE one with a SCSIDE
> converter. Even if you buy a "SCSI" drive, it's likely to
> just be an IDE one
> with a SCSIDE converter already fitted.

Oh. The only ones I've ever seen available are the Pioneer slot-loaders,
but that rules out using the funky 8cm disks in them.

> I have a regular 50 pin SCSIDE adaptor plugged into a Pioneer
> DVR-A10. They
> were about thirty quid each. (It's in an external case so I
> can use it on
> the Ultra 30, Amiga 1200 or PowerMac.)

Hmm, ok.

> > Any that can be multi-regioned would be even better!
> Good luck. It's probably better to just avoid player software
> that checks
> the region in the first place.

It's not just the software that checks, the drive checks too.
It doesn't need to be a writer, it's just that the IDE channels on my
motherboard have crap performance under XP (seems to be dodgy AMD
drivers for my old Tyan motherboard - was fine ok under Win2000).


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