[rescue] Warning - WAS:Cobalt RaQ 4i operating system...

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list at oryx.cc
Sun Jul 8 23:25:32 CDT 2007

When I started at the company I am with now, I inherited several Cobalt 
RaQ4i systems.  They were in service 2.5-3 years.  They were in a 
hosting facility with temperature & humidity controls, conditioned 

As I pulled them out of service and replaced them with 
bigger/better/faster Sun equipment, I had planned to load them up with 
Solaris x86 and re-deploy them as low end DNS servers or something 
similar.  I didn't know any better at the time about their bios :)

Anyway, as I decommissioned these systems, I would open them up to give 
them a cleaning with air and a brush to clean out any dirt or dust.

Each system had bulging/swollen capacitors on the mother board.  They 
weren't leaking, but after my observations, I knew that I wouldn't be 
re-deploying them in a production environment.

YMMV, but check out your RaQ 4i systems before re-deployment.

Jerry K

Robert Darlington wrote:
> I managed to acquire a copy of "Strongbolt", a CentOS 4.4 based OS
> install for my old Cobalt RaQ.    Please see this site for info:
> http://www.osoffice.co.uk/strongbolt_server_appliances.html
> Turns out it's quite nice and lets me run modern software.  They're
> working on the next version which will be based on CentOS 5.0 (this
> came out in April I believe).  This old thing is still earning its
> keep.
> Bob
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