[rescue] printing alternatives?

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Fri Jul 6 13:56:38 CDT 2007

The steam powered teletype chattered and a message from Phil Brutsche
rolled out in a wad of paper tape...
> Mike Hebel wrote:
>> That's because they don't _need_ the Cobalt port.  They are Peee-Ceees.
> No, they're not.
> A x86-compatible processor doesn't automatically make a box a PC any
> more than a G5-powered eServer is automatically a Mac and capable of
> running MacOS.
> x86-based Cobalts are *built* to run Linux and at this point won't run
> anything else - the porting work to make one boot *BSD simply hasn't
> been done.

I'm not going to bother with this argument.  Dave McGuire went through
that and I refuse to waste my time being flamed for defending my

> NetBSD kinda sorta boots, but it most certainly will require manual
> intervention each time.
>> It _might_ even load OpenBSD but I haven't looked into that.
> Nope, Linux or not at all.

I've already corrected myself on this.  Read the entire thread before

Mike Hebel
See with eyes unclouded, Think with mind uncluttered, Act with heart

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