[rescue] printing alternatives?

Lucyen Arnett Gabbard lucyen at uark.edu
Fri Jul 6 13:08:12 CDT 2007

I've currently got a few Raq 3i's in service running Gentoo.  You have to
flash the BIOS first, which can easily turn one into a briq.  I'm 2 or 3
technicalities away from getting one mounted in my 850 as an MP3 player.

The reason I'm running Gentoo is because there are a couple of packages which
support the front panel, and integrated crap devices.

Gentoo on RaQ Resource: http://gentoo.404ster.com/

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Speaking of Cobalt.  I have an old Cobalt RaQ 4 that I once tried to
put back into use with Fedora using the 2.6 kernel maintained by the
original kernel hackers that worked for Cobalt.  This was incredibly
painful to get setup.  Every time  the power went out I had to
transplant the disk into another system to perform an fsck just to get
the sucker to boot back up.

Are there other operating systems that will work on these things now?
The box was a decent file server when it ran, but sooooo annoying when
the power cycled.

On 7/6/07, Mike Hebel <nimitz at nimitzbrood.com> wrote:
> The steam powered teletype chattered and a message from James Hartley
> rolled out in a wad of paper tape...
> > I'm wrestling with making an old Cobalt Qube 2 into a print server (using
> > NetBSD...).  I'm looking into printing alternatives, such as lpr, CUPS,
> > lprNG, or Ghostscript.  Any & all comments as to configuration issues,
> > which
> > may be better or more extensible, most actively maintained, etc. would be
> > greatly appreciated.
> It'll work but unless you're printing a buttload of documents you might be
> better off getting a cheap JetDirect box.  I think I paid all of $29
> shipped for my external parallel one off of Flea-Bay.
> What kind of printing and what kind of printer?
> Mike Hebel
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