[rescue] old printers

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Thu Jul 5 18:48:08 CDT 2007

Since there's been some discussion on list about green bar paper and 
line printers:

I have a Diablo 620 daisy-wheel model, serial interface goes up to 
1200BPS, that needs a home.

Looks like the rodents had a brief residence, there's one standard 
ribbon cable that has some gnawing on it (can be replaced easily, it's 
the type that IDE/SCSI cables are made from, not the printhead cable), 
and it could use a wash and brush up, no major rust though.

Plugged it in and put on the self-test and it started happily 
clattering away (no ribbon [have a bunch that came with it, 
carbon-film, but I didn't want to open one up] so I couldn't verify 
what it was printing). The typewheel was rotating to different 
positions, so that bit looks good.

Any interest? free for the taking, Renton, WA. Wide-carriage, even.

For the modern-types, I have a LJII. Fuser isn't getting quite hot 
enough (printing will come off in threads if you rub it)- might be an 
adjustment or could be a parts unit. Comes with one installed EP-S and 
one in a box.

Probably even still have a little Epson letter-size 9-pin tractor feed 
parallel if that's of interest.


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