[rescue] Printers (was: Memory usage (was Re: Needed: Older laptops))

John Francini francini at mac.com
Thu Jul 5 09:13:09 CDT 2007

The Spinwriters were made by NEC, not DEC.  And they were indeed loud 
beasts.  But the print from them was unbeatable.


At 9:15 -0400 7/5/07, Mark Brown wrote:
>Scott Quinn wrote:
>>  We had wide-carriage printers and green bar paper in the terminal lab
>>  when I started in college, in 1997.
>Heh - wide carriage printers. Esp. daisy wheel.  They always make me
>chuckle a bit. Circa 1994 I was given a surplus Canadian government
>issue daisy wheel - IIRC it was a DEC Spinwriter.  Huge heavy thing.
>At this time - I was on the outs with my folks, but my younger brother
>still lived at home, and had been bitten by the computer bug.  I think
>he was doing multinode BBS in Desqview, in 2 meg of RAM, from floppies
>(poor high school student).
>Knowing full well that he had lots of things to print, I manually
>re-packed the ribbon cartridge (what a mess!), and left the printer with
>him.  It sounded like a Gatling gun in my parents bungalow.  Heh!
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