[rescue] Memory usage (was Re: Needed: Older laptops)

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Thu Jul 5 00:25:44 CDT 2007

> For reference, I think that if you had a shiny new SPARCstation-10/30 
> with 64MB at this point, you were a very happy camper -- we were 
> running lots of Solbournes and DG AViiON AV300's on peoples' desks, 
> with a 4-way Solbourne 5E/600 (?) and assorted DG AViiON servers in 
> the machine room.
> Utter trivia: This was the last place I saw engineers using a real 
> line printer and printing out code listings on 14" wide greenbar on a 
> regular basis.

We had wide-carriage printers and green bar paper in the terminal lab 
when I started in college, in 1997. Things went downhill from there, 
shortly thereafter they upgraded to a new Sun Ultra cluster and took 
down the X-terminals (but left the Wyse serials), then 1 year (!) later 
they junked it for a Windows "solution" and the entire terminal lab 
went bye. I wouldn't mind getting a small AViiON now, but it seems that 
I missed them. Software wise not too stellar, but the M88k is neat (all 
I've seen are the NCD 88k X-terminals, but those aren't a full 
implementation with MMU).

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