[rescue] WTB: Dell or similiar rack cabinets, Norfolk - Richmond - DC

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Jul 4 22:49:25 CDT 2007

Heya everyone.

Looking to buy two Dell 42u cabinets, with the mesh front and back, square 
holes, black, good condition. The two together can lack the inner sides 
(so that it's open between the two) or act as two freestanding cabinets.

It doesn't have to be dell, but something similiar. Maybe Compaq. Black of 
course is cooler than beige, but not a must.

Mesh front and back are a must, lockable is a must, and sides are a must.

Anyone know of anything , or have leads? I've been watching feeBay, 
sometimes stuff comes up... but I figured I'd ping here.

Hit me off list if you have something, or know of something.

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