[rescue] Even more hardware to give away (non-Sun)

Steven Ball hamster at snurkle.net
Wed Jul 4 20:44:17 CDT 2007

Microchannel.  Remember that?

Well, apparently I do.  I have a RubberMaid tote full of full length  
MCA cards (and some ISA and older cards) along with at least one 386  
and one 486 microchannel PS/2 machines.  Video, sound, ethernet,  
token ring, scsi, other oddballs all in the mix.

Also, I have one (and I suspect, two) 25 pin SCSI flat bed scanners  
as well, off brands.

More junk coming.  Drop me a line, pay for shipping, or come pick it  
up, and it can be yours.  Otherwise, it'll be trashed.


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