[rescue] fire v210 upgrade

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 15:00:44 CDT 2007

@steve price

Thanks mate

I found the part on sunsolve, anysystem, XSnet and MemoryX.
Just wanted to see if I'm really an 1d10t or someone tries to make one from
by selling me what's available in their warehouse and not what I want.
Actually I did apply for a position in the $REP, after taking my SCSA for
Solaris 8.
I'm glad that I didn't get approved.
@Mark Brown - thanks - I will try - what I do is get the prices and compare.

$WORK has a mild preference to working with $REP because they are handy to
their neck if something screws up. Same applies to me  - a certified
enthusiast in probation :)
IMHO $REP is no good by design and charge far beyond the reasonable prices
in US.
Have no info how it looks like in other EU countries.

@Bill - Thanks. I'm getting an ol' boar bundle from your recommendations for
I will check tomorrow if I have the correct shipping number.
Bottom line is that I had a nervous week holding a v210 on intensive care,
while its 3G RAM are abused from 4 oracle DBs, java apps for 120 web users
50 console sessions, being cursed in the minds of about 150 people,
being asked every day when the new sun comes.
I will get thick-skinned soon after I get my piglet handy in 3 ft reach.
Thanks to all for the help and enjoy the day/evening.
I'm plunging to sleep.
Dimitar Vassilev

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