[rescue] fire v210 upgrade

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Tue Jul 3 12:16:52 CDT 2007

Dimitar Vasilev wrote:
> I wanted to buy additional 1Ghz CPU from a local sun rep.
> However they tried to rip me off by offering me a new board
> and two new 1.3Ghz CPU's, saying that adding a cpu is
> disabled in hardware, 
I don't think that it is disabled in the prom, nor are there any jumper 
settings(that I can recall). I'm sure it's just "Marketing BS".   You 
can likely get the FRU, but not the "X"-number part.

I bought a bunch of V210 systems for my Grid Engine, and sun shipped the 
proc's separately (the systems included 1, plus they sent the other 
processor - heatsink, memory etc. as a self install.)

Ensure that the memory banking is correct, or I think that the second 
processor won't work - iirc.

Good luck!


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