[rescue] Cleaning out my basement

Peter Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Mon Jul 2 01:34:05 CDT 2007

I have a pile of stuff sitting around that needs a new home.  Make a
reasonable offer on anything (some items have a price listed).  Items
are located in Divide, CO (80814) near Colorado Springs.

  * AlphaServer 4100, (2) 533/4m 21164 processors (one needs new fan),
1G ram, (3) power supplies, no pci cards
  * VALinux Quad P3 Xeon 6U rack mount servers (2 servers, one does not
power on).  Includes: (4) 500mhz/1024k P3 Xeon processors, (4)
550mhz/512k P3 Xeon processors, ~1G ram, 5 power supplies (each server
can take 3), (2) 9G sca drives, (6) sca drive rails for raid cage,
built-in SCSI, (1) IBM ServeRAID card
  * Mac G3 blue tower, 400mhz, cdrom, has ram and disk
  * Mac G3 beige, 300mhz, av, zip drive, no ram or disk
  * Toshiba 4005CDS PII 233mhz laptop, 96mb, 4g disk
  * Intel 510T, managed 10/100 switch, 24port
  * Exabyte 8505XL (3)
  * (2) 4mm DAT drives in Sun 411 cases
  * DLT drives: (2) 35G, (1) 15G.  Top of plastic housing broken/missing
on 35G drives, may be good for parts.
  * Phaser 560 laser printer, giving error 32 on imaging unit and some
feed wheels noisy.  Imaging unit was at ~97% prior, so might be a
fixable issue.  Includes additional tray assembly (two trays, sits
beneath printer), parallel cable, ethernet, extra black toner cartridge.
  * HP ScanJet (2520b) SCSI, w/ADF
  * Palm Tungsten T2, touchscreen unresponsive.  Includes Covertec case,
original box, and all accessories.
  * single cpu P3 motherboard (Asus P2B-F)
  * dual P2 motherboard with 300mhz processors
  * Zip100 external drive, scsi/parallel
  * (2) Linksys BEFW11S3 802.11 routers
  * Addtron AWS-110, 802.11b access point
  * Boxed software: Solaris 2.6 server, Dos 4.0, OS2/warp

and some non-rescue related stuff:

  * Kalimar 80-200mm lens, older Minolta mount, non-AF
  * Olympus OM77af w/35-70 lens, autofocus, old 35mm camera
  * Rollei B-35, tiny 35mm camera, includes case, meter does not work ($80)
  * (3) Microcassete recorders
  * LG LX-350 cell phone, Sprint, 6m old, includes box and all
accessories ($75)
  * Motorola V66, T-Mobil, includes box, case, and charger
  * Samsung A760, Sprint, includes case and charger ($25)
  * Korg 01/wfd synthesizer ($500)
  * Siemens S2420 desk and cordless phone set, screen has a line of dead
  * ipaq pcmcia sleeve, for 36xx

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