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Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Wed Jan 31 10:16:02 CST 2007

Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " From: "Geoffrey S. Mendelson" <gsm at mendelson.com>
> " 
> " 
> " 256 meg DIMMs were pretty rare, especialy in PC100. PC133 was easier to
> " find, but I understand that some computers that take PC100 can use it and 
> " some can not. There is also the problem that many motherboards 
> " can only address 128m per chip, so you need special 2x128m DIMMs.
> that's it afaik.  for pc100 compatibility you need 'low density' [eg.
> 128m chips or smaller] pc133 sticks.  iirc 256m or 512m will show as
> 128 if they work at all.

The motherboard in question here is an ASUS P5A, which does support 256M
memory modules -- and actually, according to Crucial, supports PC133
SDRAM -- as long as they're unbuffered low-density modules.  So it turns
out I actually want to look for a total of six sticks of 256MB PC133,
not three each PC100 and PC133, for the two older machines I want to max
out the RAM in.

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