[rescue] X1032A cards anyone?

Kevin Fitzgerrell fitzgerrell at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 06:27:50 CST 2007


I'm looking for some X1032A cards - SunSwift PCI SCSI+Ethernet if
anyone's got some they don't need or want anymore.  These are for
$work so I'm not looking for free, but these are going in U5s, 30s and
60s and I hate to pay more than the boxes are worth for new cards.

I can't pick up, but I've got a forwarder in the US (Ohio) and one in
Cairns, Australia.  I could probably have one of my guys pick up in
Jakarta, if anyone's got any there :).

As noted in the DST thread, there are plenty of us out here still
having to support Solaris 2.5.1 - I'm working now at a mineral
processing plant and my contro system's got about 75 servers and
operator workstations in use here at 2.5.1, SparcClassics, SS5s, an
SS20, U5s, U30s and a few U60s.  Fun stuff.  The  control system
vendor offers an upgrade to Blade 1500s (which are already EOL'd) or
windows, with the catch that we need a mesh network upgrade, new
controllers, new historians, new HMI, etc...  I think I'm going to
upgrade the older sparcs to refurb U60s and get a few more years out
of things before having to re-engineer everything.

Cheers all!

Kevin FitzGerrell

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