[rescue] Sun announces DST patch availablity...

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Jan 30 20:41:38 CST 2007

" From: David Muran-de Assereto <dmuran at tuad.org>
" On Jan 30, 2007, at 6:34 PM, Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > <snip>
" > if they're preloading the systems, it's entirely possible they could
" > use the old driver with a newer kernel, though they'd have to hack the
" > installation script accordingly.
" They won't do that because it's not a "supported configuration". DoD  
" CM rules forbid it.

for some value of 'supported' that doesn't recognize os eol...  well,
that's our govt all over.

" > " Government-sponsored development and procurement are severely broken
" > " for information tech.
" >
" > there can be other issues.  i just helped a friend quote a bid for an
" > faa system.  they were going for used/refurb because system
" > reliability is critical [sounds odd doesn't it?] and they've only
" > tested/qualified -this- configuration.  the hardware is mostly eol and
" > going for newer hardware would invoke the test cycle all over again.
" Agreed, for things like legacy safety-of-flight or nuclear surety.  
" There's a LOT of testing that goes into that and it's very expensive,  
" so upgrades are avoided until there's a really good reason to do so.
" Unfortunately, the majority of the systems I have to "secure" are  
" simply systems mired in an old, poorly managed funding and  
" development cycle with insane lead times and very poor funding.
" And of course, the Admiral needs it right now, anyway, so there's no  
" time to upgrade.
" To re-phrase and reiterate, DoD procurement is broken, especially for  
" IT.

i see your point.  they're just not ready to grasp that it tech moves
so fast.  they probably think that a destroyer lifetime of 20y is
rapid turnover...
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