[rescue] SGI Challenge XLs up for grabs

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sun Jan 28 22:42:09 CST 2007

I have two SGI Challenge XL racks going up for grabs; I really need the 
space back for other new equipment.  Make an offer, mostly just want the 
space back, and I don't really have a use for another big old Irix box..

One is an R10k system and one is an R4400 system.  I don't remember 
exactly how much memory and procs are in each, but could go look.  They 
both have 10BT ethernet and FDDI connections.

Pick-up is preferred, from Lafayette, IN.  Zip 47901.  If you want me to 
ship the machine, expect to pay for my time and effort to do so, in 
addition to freight charges.

If I don't get a response by Feb 3rd, I'll be parting the machines out to 
sell on ebay.

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The Computer Refuge               --- http://computer-refuge.org

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