[rescue] Looking for Handheld PC (HPC)

Bill Martin bill at bdoserr.com
Sun Jan 28 21:30:26 CST 2007

> I recently traded a coworker some older Palm equipment for a used iPAQ.
> I confess that I've become very interested in the WinCE environment and
> am especially curious now about playing around with one of the older
> Handheld PC units running WinCE 2.0 and 2.11.
> I've tried and failed a couple of times to pick up a cheap one on ebay,
> so I was wondering if someone might have one in a drawer that they would
> be willing to let go cheaply or in a trade.
> Thanks...
> <<<john>>>
I just read this (I'm away from home, and I get the digest version) so
sorry if I'm too late.

I have a monochrome WinCE handheld at home that I'd give you for the
cost of shipping.  I don't remember the details, but it's like new.
Uses replaceable batteries, so it should still be ok. I bought it to
play around with, but quickly went back to PalmOS PDAs.  Mail me off
list if you're interested, and I'll dig it out tomorrow and give you the

Bill Martin

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