[rescue] Quadra 650 - Newb questions/parts seeking

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 16:23:27 CST 2007

If I remember right - and of course YMMV - the biggest
thing about the cdrom drive is that it must be
switch/jumper selectable to a 512byte boot block -
hence that's why older apple cd drives always worked
with earlier sun equipment.

Any scsi cdrom that is set-able should work.  I have
seen as fast as a 32x scsi that was jumperable for the
smaller boot block size.

If you need one - I may have one left - contact me off
list & I'll go look.


> > 1) This particular machine has no CD-ROM drive. 
> From what I can tell
> > a 2x drive came standard on these machines, so
> it'd be safe to assume
> > the original died and was pulled, right? Either
> way, do I need a
> > specific Apple branded CD-ROM to go in here, or
> will any 50-pin SCSI
> > drive work?
> Or used somewhere else. You need an Apple drive to
> boot from CDs.
> There were two different drives used in them, the
> CD300, made by Sony
> and OEM'ed by Apple. This one can be used to boot
> many Sun4 machines
> (those that accept the "boot cdrom" command), so it
> may have been pulled
> for that. The other is the 300+ made by Matsushita
> which was not as good 

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