[rescue] Memory for a RS/6K 7044-170?

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 19:49:21 CST 2007

Andy Wallis wrote:
>> AIX Isn't uniX.  :)  Smitty can be your best friend (F6/ESC+6) to  
>> figure
>> out how to accomplish tasks on AIX
> I will give smit credit for letting you know what is under the  
> covers, but
> I've met too many sysadms at work who don't want to know. SMIT can be

I don't know if I'd call those people "sysadmins".  When the shit hits 
the fan and smit won't start, these people will have serious problems 
and will probably need to bailed out by a real sysadmin.

> very nice as a simple system interface. My workplace has mocked it up so
> that complicated functions are a series of custom menus in smit. A  
> normal user
> has a little Exceed session to run smit on the server farm and have  
> it do their
> canned task.

That's handy.

>> especially when tasks can't be
>> accomplished with vi (ie, modify/read the ODM).
> That is when to whip out the following incantations:
> ODMDIR=...
> <Insert creating ODM stanzas here>. I use a lot of echos, seds, and  
> shell variables.
> odmget -q"Weird funky regexp" table
> odmadd -q"rinse" ottoman
> odmchange -q"lather" recliner
> odmdel -q"repeat" futon
> I will agree that the ODM is deep voodoo and not well documented. I  
> think that
> _SWVID_ is now etched in brain until death because I had to write up  
> a script
> to correct the ODM on a bunch of AIX 5.3 boxes. I do wish IBM would  
> document the
> ODM better as well as explicitly tell you which commands are  
> supported and which
> are not.

Actually, IBM's internal docs for ODM are actually pretty good.  I 
wonder why they're considered confidential.

>> While I generally like AIX, I've noticed that AIX's 5.3 NFS server is
>> annoyingly broken.
> You're not the only one to see that. My coworkers have had to argue
> with AIX development in India over the past two years about NFS  
> errors. My personal
> favorite was the 5.3 client thinking that a 3.2.5 server had negative  
> gigabyte file sizes.

I've gone through the hassle of using third-party userland-only NFS 
clients just to avoid this.

I've also gone through the hassle of installing a NetBSD box next to an 
AIX box to avoid using AIX's NFS server.

I guess we do what we can.

Peace...  Sridhar

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